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Easy crypto hunter was founded on the principles of creating an honest an open dialogue with its customers and with a keen desire to educate and inform the wider public about the amazing and exciting things happening in crypto today.

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Easy Crypto Hunter - UK's Premier GPU Mining Hardware Provider
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Hello crypto newbies and veterans alike!

Wish you’d got into crypto 5 years’ ago? In crypto mining, today is still 5 years’ ago in 5 years’ time.


Think about how many Average Joes you know that know a ton about crypto. The fact is that we are still very early adopters.


Early adopters benefit from huge growth. You needn’t have bought Bitcoin 5 years’ ago to do very very well from crypto indeed.


We’ll show you how crypto can be Profitable and Easy!

Welcome to Easy Crypto Hunter, the UK’s premier GPU mining hardware providers,
supplying individuals and businesses across the world.

We are the UK’s leading team for all your crypto mining needs:

1. Rigs: we build and sell GPU mining rigs of the highest quality, specialising in the most powerful equipment on the market for both business and consumers.
2. Cryptocontainers: we set up globally portable, secure mining farms built and housed within shipping containers for large scale investment.
3. Consultancy: we’re passionate about making crypto accessible. We do public speaking, run crypto awareness events and consult with individuals and businesses alike.

We built our first rig to earn a passive income from mining ourselves. After speaking to people and seeing the huge demand, we founded Easy Crypto Hunter so that you can profit from this too! We understand that the exciting world of crypto can be intimidating or even secretive, with many faceless companies out there. At Easy Crypto Hunter, as our name suggests, this is something we’re working hard to change.

We’re the only company in the UK of our scale that will take the time to make this easy for you.

This is what makes us different. Total transparency and a friendly team of experts.

Real people you can talk to. Always happy to talk crypto. Give us a call!

Experts that do this full time. This is how we earn a living too.

Open office. Come, meet the team and see us building. Please make an appointment with the team.

The Future is Crypto

Asset ROI*
Cash ISAs
S&P 500 stocks



*Average of top 10 assets of each type in 2017. All figures 2017. Sources: TotallyMoney, Bezinga, ThisisMoney, CoinMarketcap

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency; it went public in 2009. There are now over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies. This is an umbrella term that refers to tokens and coins. Not all ‘cryptocurrencies’ are used for trading or payment. Tokens such as Ethereum are designed almost like the App Store so that other users can build upon them for business contracts, for example.

Cryptocurrencies use encryption (cryptography) to produce money and to verify transactions. These transactions are added to a public ledger, also known as a Transaction Block Chain. Unlike traditional fiat currencies (which are usually backed by some central government) such as Pound Sterling, the value is entirely based on the utility the coin will create hence the massive increase we have seen in the value of cryptocurrencies. New coins are retrieved through a process known as ‘mining’.

The technology was first used by Satoshi Nakamoto in the development as what we now know as Bitcoin. Developed as a response to the financial crisis of 2008, Blockchain is the software platform that allows crypto currency to run as a truly decentralised, totally secure system.

Blockchain technology underpins anything that requires large amounts of computer power including machine learning, graphics rendering, big data analysis and weather. It allows digital information to be distributed but not copied.

A shared, continually updated database records block chain information. The Blockchain database is not stored in a single location. Therefore, records are entirely public and easily verifiable. Millions of computers host the database simultaneously and anyone can access its data, ensuring transparency within the entire network, thus increasing public trust in the system as compared to the traditional fiat system.

Mining is the process in which the block chain ledgers are updated. Example: If Bob sent Sarah some Bitcoin, this would be processed and recorded on the public ledger by the mining rigs.

In return for upkeeping the system of that particular coin or token, the owner of that mining rig will be paid a ‘thank you’ in the form of a small proportion of said coin or token.

Essentially, you are being paid for providing the computer power. This can be extremely lucrative. It is these mining rigs that we at Easy Crypto Hunter specialise in building and selling to our amazing customers.

From Individual Rigs to Crypto Containers..

Check out our Crypto Containers. Got some spare power knocking around? A power plant? Solar or wind?


We take care of everything for you. You just plug and go!


Why pump power back into the grid when you could be mining a crypto fortune?!


If you’re serious about investing in mining, get your operations underway hassle free with a mobile mining unit.

Everything you need to know about rigs…

What hardware am I buying?

1. 1080ti graphics cards: Currently highest hashing cards across widest range of coin algorithms on the market, ensuring you get optimum hash rates and coin return. Only cards you can play 4k games in so hold resale value.

2. 2 power packs, motherboard, CPU, 4GB RAM, SSD.

3. Manufacturers’ warranty. 1 year minimum on all parts.

What software do the rigs run?

1. We install everything so the rigs are plug and go.

2. We pre-install NiceHash software which auto-mines the most profitable coin at a given time and pays you so no need for multiple wallets.

3. Windows operating system. Familiar and easy to use.

4. Although we pre-install Windows and NiceHash, these machines can be installed with ANY custom operating software such as SMOS or ETHOS.

What support will I get?

Once you’ve got your rig, you’re not on your own. You can always give us a call with any questions and we’ll do our best to help.

What do I mine?

1. If you’re unsure of what to mine, don’t worry, our auto-mine software does it all for you. You simply switch on the machine and leave it to mine Alt Coins and pay you in Bitcoin each day.

2. Unlike other rigs, these machines can mine ANY mineable Alt coin. Current examples include Bitcoin Private, Z cash, Electroneum and Ethereum although there are many, many more.

3. Mine brand new coins! You could rack up vast amounts of smaller new coins which can be very lucrative as they grow!

4. Being able to mine so flexibly with the highest power has yielded the highest observed mining.

How much do I mine?

1. Mining amounts are entirely affected by the cryptocurrency market as a whole and as such we can only give average observed mining figures. As much as we would love to, we cannot provide predictions about daily mining figures going forward. Based on our observed mining of a 6 card 1080ti rig, we have seen an average of the equivalent coin value of £35 a day, over the last quarter. 

2. The beauty of mining Alt coins with auto-mine software is that you don’t need to worry about individual coins. You just watch your crypto roll in.

3. Alternatively to using the pre-installed auto-mine software, you can opt to mine specific new or smaller coins which can see exponential growth. 

How do I get paid?

1. If you use our pre-installed auto-mine software, you will be receive daily (yes, daily!) Bitcoin.

2. Although you mine different Alt coins, they will automatically be converted into Bitcoin and paid into your online wallet.

3. All you need to do is create an account online for your wallet. This takes 5 minutes.

4. Your Bitcoin can then be taken offline onto a ledger or used to trade through Coinbase or other platforms.

What do I need to have a rig at home?

1. Power: Plug-in to normal plug sockets. Our 6 card rig uses just 1300w. A hairdryer uses around 2000w. GPUs use far less power than ASIC miners (those which mine one single coin). Your electricity cost will depend on your supplier but on average we have seen a cost of £3-4 a day, on average 8-15% of earnings for the last quarter.

2.Location: On a domestic level, you don’t need any extra cooling. You can keep them anywhere you would a normal computer, away from spills, knocks and spaces that aren’t well ventilated.

3.Noise: In terms of noise, again ASIC miners give rigs a bad rep here. Our rigs are extremely quiet and can run in a house, near silent.

4.Internet: An ethernet cable or a wifi dongle at a standard speed is all that’s required. You don’t need super-fast internet at all as the cards do most of the processing.

How do we do business?

Easy Crypto Hunter is a registered trade name of Eagle Aquila Ltd, a fully registered, regulated and insured UK company. Although we do offer online sales, we are aware that there is worry about ponzi schemes around Crypto. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent and having a real team you can talk to or come and see.

We are therefore able to offer a range of payment methods but recommend you call us to discuss payment. We accept direct bank transfer into our business account, credit and debit cards via Paypal invoice, cash, and online payments through Stripe. For fastest payment and order turnaround, please use direct bank transfer as using the online payment gateway processes payments more slowly so expect a delay to the turnaround window.

1. Choose Setup

Read up on cryptocurrency and select your setup. Get in touch if you’re not sure on anything. We’re always happy to talk crypto!

2. Pay in fiat or bitcoin

Got some spare Crypto... You can pay for your new rig with bitcoin! Simply select the option at the checkout.

3. Time is money!

We know that every minute that passes is money you're not making mining so we aim to deliver a 7-14 turnaround.

4. Delivered or Collected

Collect your rigs from just north of Manchester, have them shipped in the UK or internationally or we can host them for a monthly fee.

Do We Work Worldwide?

We love working with overseas customers! We have existing customers all over the world, including Australia, South Africa, Abu Dhabi and America.

Due to UK tax regulations, if you’re an overseas customer you would pay our excluding VAT prices. It is likely to work out better value for you to buy rigs here and have them shipped or hosted than to buy in your own country!

What about shipping? Our rigs are built with international shipping in mind. We build our rigs in strong steel frames designed for safe shipping and always insure your rig during transit. If you have any questions, please do give us a call.

Find out more about our mining rigs…

I wanted to get into crypto mining but didn't know where to start. Easy Crypto Hunter made it a painless and straightforward to buy my first rig and have it all managed for a small hosting fee each month. All questions were answered and continue to be as I increase my knowledge of this exciting opportunity


I firstly spoke with Josh in November 2017 and he quickly put me at ease and ran through all the options. The great thing was that he was able to put it all in laymans terms and knew the answers to all of my million newbie questions. Despite a few issues (beyond anyone's control) along the way, I am really happy he has been able to assist on my mining journey. I feel very confident in my rigs being built to the highest specs and by being hosted by Josh that they are in the best hands.


Anyone looking into mining or after good advice won't go wrong by speaking to Josh. After a phone call over the weekend, I was up and running in a week!!! Remember at the time you couldn't buy any 1080Ti cards for love nor money. First night of mining and minor adjusting I collected £10 of BTC!! Now I need more rigs!