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Our Mission Statement

Easy crypto hunter was founded on the principles of creating an honest an open dialogue with its customers and with a keen desire to educate and inform the wider public about the amazing and exciting things happening in crypto today.

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(+44) 0161 7638 728 -
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Crypto Mining | Easy Crypto Hunter The UK's Premier GPU Mining Hardware Provider
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Buying Tramadol Online Legal, Discount Tramadol Online

We are experts in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology and the UK’s leading team in Cryptocurrency Mining, having keynoted at major conferences both in and outside of the industry and provided specialist consultation to major organisations.

Our award winning team strives to make Cryptocurrency accessible for everyone. Transparency is paramount for us in everything we do.

We understand that the exciting world of Crypto can at times be intimidating or even secretive, with many faceless companies and misleading information readily available; at Easy Crypto Hunter, as our name suggests, this is something we’re working hard to change.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to educate our customers so that they are able to make well informed decisions around investing in Cryptocurrency Mining.

This is what makes us different:

 Real people you can talk to.

 Full time experts.

 Open office where we welcome our customers and partners to visit us.

Here is what our clients are saying





Fi Warren-Smith has held Director positions at a number of businesses and

now owns her own property company. Looking to diversify her investment

portfolio, Fi turned to Easy Crypto Hunter and Cryptocurrency Mining.

Do We Work Worldwide?

We love working with overseas customers! We have existing customers all over the world, including Australia, South Africa, Abu Dhabi and America.

Due to UK tax regulations, if you’re an overseas customer outside the EU you would pay our excluding VAT prices. It is likely to work out better value for you to buy rigs here and have them shipped or hosted than to buy in your own country!

What about shipping? Our rigs are built with international shipping in mind. We build our rigs in strong aluminium frames designed for safe shipping and always insure your rig during transit. If you have any questions, please do give us a call.

1. Choose Setup

Read up on cryptocurrency and select your setup. Get in touch if you’re not sure on anything. We’re always happy to talk crypto!

2. Pay in fiat or bitcoin

Got some spare Crypto... You can pay for your new rig with bitcoin! Simply select the option at the checkout.

3. Time is money!

We know that every minute that passes is money you're not making mining so we aim to deliver a 7-14 turnaround.

4. Delivered or Collected

Collect your rigs from just north of Manchester, have them shipped in the UK or internationally or we can host them for a monthly fee.

Making It Easy for You

All Yours

Buy your rigs, take them home or have them delivered to your property, plug and go. Everything is preconfigured so they're super simple and you keep 100% of profits.

Flexible Hosting

Buy the rig, we will setup and host in our facility for a monthly fee on a rolling contract covering electricity, insurance and full maintenance services. You keep 100% mining earnings and you're never tied in.

Copy The Pro's

Buy the rig, host it with us and we'll run it on a ``copy the professional miner`` service, mining the same coins we do, for 10% of your mining earnings. Totally hands free option including electricity, insurance and full maintenance services.

Find out more about our mining rigs…