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Our Mission Statement

Easy crypto hunter was founded on the principles of creating an honest an open dialogue with its customers and with a keen desire to educate and inform the wider public about the amazing and exciting things happening in crypto today.

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FAQ - Easy Crypto Hunter
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Tramadol Online By Cod, Tramadol Mastercard

All your questions answered.
What is cryptocurrency?

You may know all about cryptocurrency, you may have heard of it or you may know absolutely nothing.

  • Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency; it went public in 2009. There are now over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies.
  • ‘Cryptocurrency’ is an umbrella term that is used to refer to tokens and coins. Not all ‘cryptocurrencies’ are used for trading or payment. Tokens such as Ethereum are designed almost like the App Store so that other users can build upon them for business contracts, for example.
  • Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that uses encryption (cryptography) to produce money and to verify transactions.
  • These transactions are added to a public ledger, also known as a Transaction Block Chain. See below for more information on Block Chain.
  • New coins are created through a process known as ‘mining’.
  • Unlike traditional fiat currencies (which are usually backed by some central government) such as Pound Sterling, the value is entirely based on the utility the coin will create hence the massive increase we have seen in the value of cryptocurrencies since their introduction as their use becomes more widespread.
What is the Blockchain?

Created by pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, as a response to the financial crisis of 2008, Blockchain is the software platform that allows crypto currency to run as a truly decentralised, totally secure system. It allows digital information to be distributed but not copied.

A shared, continually updated database records block chain information. The blockchain database is not stored in a single location. Therefore, records are entirely public and easily verifiable. Millions of computers host the database simultaneously and anyone can access its data, ensuring transparency within the entire network, thus increasing public trust in the system as compared to the traditional fiat system.

What is ‘mining’?

Mining is the process in which the block chain ledgers are updated. Example:
If Bob sent Sarah some Bitcoin, this would be processed and recorded on the public ledger by the mining rigs.

In return for contributing the running of the system of that particular coin or token, the owner of that mining rig will be paid a ‘thank you’ in the form of a small proportion of said coin or token.

Essentially, you are being paid for providing the computer power. This can be extremely lucrative. It is these mining rigs that we at Easy Crypto Hunter specialise in building and selling to our amazing customers.

Which coins or tokens do our machines mine?

Our software automatically scans the market, identifies the most profitable coin to mine at any given point in time and will automatically, immediately switch to mine this coin. The advantage of this, compared to software that only mines one specific coin or token, is clear. Your profitability doesn’t fluctuate depending solely on the value of one coin. It will then pay you in Bitcoin so you don’t need 20 different wallets. One click, one coin, one wallet. If you wanted to, you could then convert your Bitcoin to fiat currency e.g. GBP.

Where would I put the rigs?

All of our rigs have the following dimensions: 55cm x 40cm x 35cm / 22″ x 16″ x 14″ The rigs need to be inside, close enough to a power socket to connect to electricity and in a suitable space. The machines would be perfectly happy in any location you’d deem appropriate for a computer. For example, avoid damp, dirty places or rooms that are especially warm.

How much do our machines cost to run?

Your only running cost is electricity. On average, UK customers pay around 13p per kw/h (11p for business customers). If you leave the machine running 24 hours a day, our smaller rigs only consume 500w which is just £1.56 a day, whilst our largest single rig consumes 1300w which works out at around £4 per day whilst currently earning over £1200 per month so the electricity cost is minor in comparison (roughly 10% of monthly earnings in electric).

How quickly will I earn back my investment?

Short answer: Impossible to give a specific timeframe but the numbers are extremely attractive.

Long answer:
Example (based on 6 card rig – our most profitable). This example assumes fixed daily earning for next 12 months.
1. Cost price vs daily earning: £8,000 / £40 per day (200 days return)

2. Asset value of rig: £8,000 rig we expect would comfortably have an asset value of at least £3,000 in a year’s time as its comprised of highest quality graphics cards. Effectively real cost = £5,000.
Including this in ROI calculations, this brings your day return down to £5,000 / £40 = 125 days

3. BUT, this will not be accurate since the nature of the cryptocurrency market means that rigs are more profitable with every day that goes by due to the increasing value of cryptocurrency. As the value of cryptocurrency increases, payback days decrease so in reality, that 125 days would likely be much less if you bought when the daily earning was £40.

Average increase of top 10 performing cryptoassets in 2017 = 14,039%.

Using that average % increase, that £40 a day at the start of 2017 would have grown by 14,039% so your payback period would be significantly shorter.


What happens if I have a problem with the machine?

Give us a call. We’ll do our best to help you get mining again as soon as possible to keep you earning. All parts have a minimum of 1 year’s manufacturer’s warranty so any faulty parts you can simply return to us and we can order a replacement with the manufacturer. Another advantage of hosting with us is that replacement parts could be sorted by us straight away if there ever were any issues.

Do you use other GPUs or only 1080tis?

Although we do specialise in 1080tis due to their superior power output, we can facilitate rig building with other cards. Please give us a call to discuss this.

Do you sell 1080ti cards separately?

Although our primary business is selling rigs and containers, we do offer cards for sale, dependant on our ability to stock them. Please give us a call to check availability.

I want to buy. What now?

Order process:

  1. Select specification and quantity of rigs.
  2. Place order through website or over the phone.
  3. Pay with fiat or crypto. Payment options: Easy Crypto Hunter is a registered trade name of Eagle Aquila Ltd, a fully registered, regulated and insured UK company. We are therefore able to offer a range of payment methods, whether you’re a UK or international customer. We accept direct bank transfer into our business account, credit and debit cards via Paypal invoice, cash, and online payments through Stripe. For fastest payment and order turnaround, please use direct bank transfer as using the online payment gateway processes payments more slowly so expect a delay to the turnaround window.
  4. Collect your rigs, have them delivered (Worldwide shipping) or speak to us about our hosting facility.
How do I decide how to mine?

Our rigs are just hardware. They can run any software so you’ll never be stuck to one thing.

There are essentially two ways to mine:

  1. Auto-mine on NiceHash.
  2. Mine specific coins on SMOS.

Which you decide to do is up to you and depends on how important profit and time commitment are to you. The best thing to do is give us a call and we can talk you through the options.

What are the options when I buy a rig?

We can install 2 different bits of software on your rig.

The first software is Nicehash, which is an automated mining software. This software scans the available coins and mines the most profitable coin, it then sells the coins on an exchange and gets a BTC value for them. The software then pays you in Bitcoin every day. All you have to do is switch your machine on and it will automatically start to mine for you.

The second software we use is called SMOS (Simple Mining Operating System). SMOS is a Linux based software but can be managed remotely through a website. Whereas with Nicehash, you only earn Bitcoin, on SMOS you pure mine specific coins, so whichever coin you are mining you earn that specific coin. It already has a lot of miners built into the software so it is a very powerful and easy bit of software to use.

When you have bought a rig, whichever software you want to run, you will be fully educated and given a free training session with our technical team so you can get your head around how the software works.

Can I buy a rig if I’m not a technical person?

Absolutely, you don’t have to be technically minded to operate a rig. Our rigs can be as simple as you plug it in, switch it on and it’s mining for you straight away. We do also provide full training on the more complex software, but if you can operate a Windows computer, and you can copy and paste, you’re qualified!

I’ve not got anywhere to put my rig, what can I do?

We do provide a hosting service along with any purchase of a rig. So essentially we will house your rig in our facility and there will be a monthly fee which will include the electric cost, maintenance, insurance and security. The monthly fee will vary on the number of rigs being hosted so please give us a call to discuss this.

Can you manage the rig for me?

We do offer a rig management service when we host the rigs. So along with the monthly hosting fee we would then take a percentage of the rigs monthly earnings for this management service.

We aren’t able to completely manage rigs that customers choose to house themselves due to not having access to them, however we can assist remotely with our technical support.

Do you sell crypto?

We now have a UK registered OTC desk which can facilitate from £100,000 to £25 million worth of the top ten Cryptocurrencies per day.

Can I start taking crypto as a payment in my business?

You absolutely can, we are working with a number of businesses who are starting to accept crypto as payment. We have our consultancy services where we can advise and implement cryptocurrency payment systems into your business.

I’m not in the UK, can I still buy a rig?

We have a specialist worldwide courier who can ship to anywhere across the globe. We have shipped to Australia, America and South Africa, so nowhere is out of reach for us. Our shipping rates do vary depending on where in the world you are, but please contact us to find out.

Can I sell rigs on your behalf?

We have an extremely successful affiliate scheme. How it work is, if you refer someone to us who then purchases one of our rigs or our services, then you will receive commission for every purchase. Commissions do vary depending on order volumes and relationships so please give us a call if this is something you’re interested in.

Tramadol Online By Cod, Tramadol Mastercard

Crypto is an exciting and fast-paced industry. You’re bound to have questions. If we haven’t answered them above, give us a call or enquire below and our friendly team will do our best to help you.

+44 (0)161 7638 728

Still looking for answers?