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Our Mission Statement

Easy crypto hunter was founded on the principles of creating an honest an open dialogue with its customers and with a keen desire to educate and inform the wider public about the amazing and exciting things happening in crypto today.

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(+44) 0161 7638 728 - info@easycryptohunter.co.uk
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Mining Rigs - Easy Crypto Hunter
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Ultram Tramadol Online - Order Tramadol 50Mg Online

Plug and play. Maximise profitability and longevity with our rigs.

Ultram Tramadol Online - Order Tramadol 50Mg Online

Every part of our rigs has been chosen with three key features in mind: profitability, reliability and simplicity.

Check out the features below:


We specialise in 2080 graphics cards which are the most profitable across the widest range of algorithms, giving you ultimate flexibility to mine any coin, any time, any place.


When you purchase a rig, we will provide you with all original boxes for your parts, meaning you could resell any individual component if you so wish to in the future. Due to the special capabilities of the 2080, it retains its value in a way other GPUs don’t.


We only use parts that are covered by at least a 1 years’ manufacturers’ warranty.


Bedroom builds don’t come with our industry knowledge or friendly approach. As the UK’s leading experts in this field, we’re able to offer unique insights which is what you’ll get access to as a customer.


Unlike cloud mining services, we provide you with the hardware which is yours to own forever and the flexibility to mine and keep all of your own coins to reinvest or spend however you choose.


Fully VAT registered and insured enabling businesses in the UK and overseas to take advantage of tax reductions for these products.

Mining Mythbusting

There are whole load of misconceptions out there about mining and we want to address those head on. If you’ve seen any of our Tramadol Buy Uk, we cover these in detail but here’s a quick rundown of the most common myths…

Myth#1 Having a rig is complicated

Technophobes, relax.

How do I set a rig up?

Our rigs are plug-and-go. Our friendly team are always around to help if you get stuck!

Where would I put the rig?

They will happily live anywhere you would put a normal computer. It just needs to be somewhere that is well ventilated, not damp and where it isn’t likely to be knocked. Otherwise, we can host it for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Myth#3 It’s too expensive in the UK

We’re totally transparent with figures. Here’s the rundown of electricity costs for our rigs:

6 card 2080 = A maximum of 1100w optimised or £100 per month domestic/£83 commercial

This is proportional so 1 card effectively uses 1100/6 so you can calculate how much power you would use for rigs and farms of various sizes. Often coins can use lower than 1100w so would cost less to run.

Even when mining has been the poorest we’ve ever seen, profits are still severable times electricity costs.

Based on average UK 12p per kw/h domestic electric cost

Myth#4 GPU Mining is too technical

It’s actually super simple at your end. If you can copy and paste, you’re qualified. We’ll sit down and go through everything in our offices or over video call to make sure you’re happy with the tech. All your questions will be answered in the User Guide we send to customers on purchase.

Myth#5 I’ll need to regularly replace the cards

The 2080s are currently the most efficient cards on the market. They are designed for high power gaming so they are used to stop-start, high-low activity. Like a car engine on the motorway, they are actually happier running at a lower temperature and power setting, 24 hours a day as in our rigs.

All parts, including the cards, come with a minimum 1 years manufacturers’ warranty. In addition, all cards operate individually so the rig will keep mining with 5 even if one needs replacing.

Myth#2 You should mine ASIC

GPUs power rigs that mine a wide range of cryptocurrencies most powerfully, making them the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of mining equipment.

We get asked all the time about Bitcoin and Ethereum mining (ASIC) but this is not the most profitable coin to mine in the vast majority of cases. Your money is more secure in GPU equipment due to its unrivalled flexibility and asset value.

Benefits GPU Mining ASIC Mining Cloud Mining
Contract free
Keep 100% profits
Mine multiple currencies
Warranty 1*
12 months minimum
3 months max
Retention of asset value 2*
No assets held
Independent cards 3*
Overall ease 4*
Overall risk 5*

1* Parts come from China so this is effectively little to no warranty due to transit times.
2* Demand for GPU mining equipment is now outstripping supply so customers who have bought a rig in the last few months have actually seen appreciation in their value.
Graphics cards originally designed for gaming so can always be resold for this, unlike ASIC equipment.

3* This means if one card stops working, your rig will continue to mine using power from the other cards so you’re still earning.
4* Click and go. Runs on Windows OS. ASIC miners are not so easy to set up for non-technical people.
5* With ASIC miners, you are only mining one currency so if this currency drops in value and stays down, you lose out.
With cloud mining, you are dependent on the cloud mining company to stay in operation. If they liquidate, you could lose your earnings.

Myth#6 Mine when the market is high

This is the most unfortunate of all the myths. When the market dips in dollar or fiat value, people are quick to forget that you are still mining virtually the same amount of coins – it is only the dollar value of these coins that has fallen.

It makes just as much sense to mine when the market is pulling back as you’re just gathering crypto and waiting for the huge upswing to profit which we all know is coming in the future. Even when the market is low, mining still outperforms traditional investments by multiple times.

Making It Easy For You

All Yours

Buy your rigs, take them home or have them delivered to your property, plug and go. Everything is preconfigured so they're super simple and you keep 100% of profits.

Flexible Hosting

Buy the rig, we will setup and host in our facility for a monthly fee on a rolling contract covering electricity, insurance and full maintenance services. You keep 100% mining earnings and you're never tied in.

Copy The Pro's

Buy the rig, host it with us and we'll run it on a ``copy the professional miner`` service, mining the same coins we do, for 10% of your mining earnings. Totally hands free option including electricity, insurance and full maintenance services.


Which setup is best for you?

We specialise in 2080 GPUs, offering a 2 card, 4 card or 6 card setup. Want to use a different type of GPU? Although we do specialise in 2080 due to their superior power output, we can facilitate rig building with other cards. Please give us a call to discuss this.

speech-bubble-156056_1280 copy
  • 4 x 2080 Setup

  • £ 6,666
    Excluding VAT
  • £8,000 Including VAT

    Mid range, mid power rig.

    Only consumes 750w when power optimised

  • Tramadol Buy Usa
  • 6 x 2080 Setup - Our Best Seller

  • £ 8,333
    Excluding VAT
  • £10,000 Including VAT

    Most powerful, highest earnings

    Most bang for your buck

    Highest resale value

    Only consumes 1100w when power optimised

  • Tramadol Buy Online Uk
  • 2 x 2080 Setup

  • £ 3,333
    Excluding VAT
  • £4,000 Including VAT

    Low entry point rig

    Only consumes 430w when power optimised

  • Tramadol Sverige Online
Multiple rigs offer unique advantages single rigs aren’t able to. See our mining farm page for more information.

I want to buy, what do I do now?

Easy Crypto Hunter is a registered trade name of Eagle Aquila Ltd, a fully registered, regulated and insured UK company. We are therefore able to offer a range of payment methods, whether you’re a UK or international customer.

We accept direct bank transfer into our business account, credit and debit cards via Vivawallet – a crypto friendly payment provider – through our online shop and, naturally, full cryptocurrency payment.

1. Choose Rig

Select your rigs. Get in touch if you’re not sure on anything. We’re always happy to talk crypto!

2. Pay in fiat or bitcoin

Got some spare Crypto... You can pay for your new rig with bitcoin! Simply select the option at the checkout.

3. Time is money!

We know that every minute that passes is money you're not making mining so we aim to deliver all orders within 7 days.

4. Delivered, Collected or Hosted

Collect your rigs from North Manchester, have them shipped worldwide or we can host them for a monthly fee.

Find out about the unique advantages of mining at scale…

I wanted to get into crypto mining but didn't know where to start. Easy Crypto Hunter made it a painless and straightforward to buy my first rig and have it all managed for a small hosting fee each month. All questions were answered and continue to be as I increase my knowledge of this exciting opportunity


I firstly spoke with Josh in November 2017 and he quickly put me at ease and ran through all the options. The great thing was that he was able to put it all in laymans terms and knew the answers to all of my million newbie questions. Despite a few issues (beyond anyone's control) along the way, I am really happy he has been able to assist on my mining journey. I feel very confident in my rigs being built to the highest specs and by being hosted by Josh that they are in the best hands.


Anyone looking into mining or after good advice won't go wrong by speaking to Josh. After a phone call over the weekend, I was up and running in a week!!! Remember at the time you couldn't buy any 1080Ti cards for love nor money. First night of mining and minor adjusting I collected £10 of BTC!! Now I need more rigs!