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Passive income holy grail for today’s workforce; can this explain investment in crypto? - Easy Crypto Hunter
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Easy Crypto Hunter / Crypto Blog  / Passive income holy grail for today’s workforce; can this explain investment in crypto?

Passive income holy grail for today’s workforce; can this explain investment in crypto?

“Enough to be comfortable and not work silly hours”, that’s how much a lot of people report wanting to earn.  It seems a reasonable ask but it’s getting harder and harder. For example, I’m currently looking at a 40 hour work week until I’m 75. In a world where we’re increasingly living to work as opposed to working to live, the only way we can earn more is to work more, right? Wrong.


So what is passive income?

Passive income is earnings from cash flow paid on a regular basis, demanding little to no effort by the recipient to maintain it. When thinking about the working environment millennials and baby boomers occupy, we know that savings are an issue. In the UK, we measure up extremely poorly in terms of saving and investing in our futures. It’s no wonder that so many people are looking for ways to earn a passive income.


Why we’re turning away traditional investments.

Traditional investment such as stocks, property and savings all promise a healthy return on investment. However, typically, you have to put more time and energy in to get decent returns. While savings accounts are hassle free, ISA rates have been down the drain (under 1%) and with inflation rates hovering closer to 3%, we’re effectively losing out, paying the banks to keep our money safe. Property involves a lot of hassle, dealing with contractors, tenants and requires large amounts of liquid cash to invest. In 2017, a 12% yield was the maximum you could expect to see for your trouble. Stocks are the most lucrative of traditional investments but can be perceived as risky as often involve paying a third party to invest wisely on your behalf.


What’s the alternative then?

Early retirement, extended maternity leave, or the holy grail for all working families, better work-life balance. These were recurring themes when I spoke to people who were investing in cryptocurrency. One woman told me, “I’m on maternity at the moment. If it wasn’t for mining crypto, I’d be back at work.” That got me thinking. Where earning money on the side would once have involved MLM, in 2018 is turning on a machine really as simple as it gets?


Why crypto mining?

The crypto industry saw extraordinary growth in 2017, with the average increase of the top 10 performing crypto assets sitting at 14,039%*. The crypto industry appeals because of its ability to offer passive income. At Easy Crypto Hunter, we know this is the reason people are investing from a couple of rigs up to large scale farms. The idea of a money making machine is pretty mad but with our machines, you have a daily earning plus he asset value of parts. It’s essentially giving you the hands off nature of stocks with the assurance of asset value like property, minus the hassle of involving other people. There are different ways of mining with GPU mining being the only way to benefit from asset resale value. Read our no nonsense guide to mining. 


Get in touch

If you’re interested in earning a passive income, whether you’ve never heard of crypto or you’re looking to get yourself into the mining game, talk to us at Easy Crypto Hunter. Give us a call on 0161 7638 728, drop us an email at info@easycryptohunter.co.uk or message us on social @Easycryptohunter.


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