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Women need to get involved in crypto before it’s too late... - Easy Crypto Hunter
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Easy Crypto Hunter / Crypto Blog  / Women need to get involved in crypto before it’s too late…

Women need to get involved in crypto before it’s too late…

Financial independence and equality. That’s what equal pay and equal opportunity is all about, right? So why is investing still a man’s game? Can cryptocurrency give us an opportunity to change this?


Blockchain and cryptocurrency is everywhere at the moment. The world’s media has been watching them as closely as the S&P500 and the Dow Jones. They’re not going anywhere in a hurry, that’s for sure. Many influencers including Bill Gates have dubbed crypto, “the future” of money. And yet, like a real a real ale festival or a classic car convention, blockchain events are one of the few times in the history of the planet that the line for the men’s toilet is longer than the one for the ladies’. Only 5-7% of cryptocurrency users are female. It’s time we got involved in this before it’s too late. In the time we’ve been holding off, we’ve been losing out. The average growth of the top 10 cryptoassets was over 14,000% in 2017, over ten times that of the best performing stocks. What is it we’re afraid of?


“Isn’t it a bubble – men getting carried away?”

I read an article recently by CBC that said that it is men that are always driving bubbles; the dot com bubble, the financial crash and so on and that crypto is no different. Apparently, women are less risk averse, more sensible investors that don’t get caught up in the testosterone-fuelled inflation of assets. But do these ‘bubbles’ happen because of men’s “natural risk-taking attitude”? I’d argue not.


It’s financial. Of course, it’s being driven by men.

Isn’t it simply that men significantly outnumber women in all technological and financial fields? The FT recently published a piece entitled, “Where are the female investors?”, for goodness’ sake. Therefore, I’d argue that it is men in the main part who are also driving every successful and stable advance in the worlds of finance or technology purely because these worlds are so male heavy. If women continue to shy away from technology and investing, we’ll certainly avoid risk but we’ll lose out on these successes too.


What’s in it for women?

Frankly, money. With inflation rates remaining high and interest rates at an insulting level, we’re losing money on savings we’ve worked so hard for. If women are prepared to invest, the rewards are there to be gained. We’re working relentlessly to achieve equal pay and better gender equality in the senior ranks of companies. Surely, this isn’t only about the principal and having a voice, although that is another huge motivating factor. It’s also about financial independence which is more important than ever.


Don’t undermine your hard work by shying away from investment.

This article is primarily about investing crypto as it is an area of investment that is desperately lacking women, an area that is increasing in significance with every passing day. Getting involved needn’t be scary. As a woman working in this industry, I’m passionate about helping more women get on board. You can always get in touch at Eliza@easycryptohunter.com. If you decide crypto isn’t for you, that’s okay. But please don’t shy away from investing on the whole. You owe it to your hard work to make your money work for you.

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